Dog Enclosures: Keep Your Furry Friend Safe

Adopting and owning a dog is great fun and a very enjoyable experience. As a pet parent, you will want your furry friend to be happy and comfortable so you probably strive to provide optimal care as much as possible. Whether you have a new puppy or an adult dog, security, comfort and a lot of love are some of the most basic dog’s needs. Providing your dog with comfortable housing, gentle handling, consistent daily routines, and regularly scheduled play and exercise is crucial for them to stay happy and healthy as possible.

Many dogs need a home of their own, and what’s a better option for housing your dog both indoors and outdoors than a dog kennel enclosure? Dog enclosures provide your dog with a safe place for himself. 

Things to Consider When Buying a Dog Enclosure

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In your journey toward finding the best enclosure for your dog, you will come across many options so it’s important to consider them carefully. You will find a wide range of outdoor dog enclosures for sale designed to keep your pet safe and comfortable while outdoors. There are also a variety of indoor dog enclosures that focus a little more on comfort and aesthetics. To decide which one is right for your furry friend, you should consider how many dogs you have, the size of those dogs, the amount of time they will spend there as well as do you need a stationary or portable dog enclosure. 

An indoor dog enclosure is perfect for containing puppies and small-sized dogs no matter where you go in your house, allowing them to nap or play and exercise. Whether you want to keep your dog outdoors or let him or her roam throughout the day, an outdoor pet enclosure will give your furry friend that much-needed open sky. Being both animal-safe and escape-proof, such a fenced-off space will keep your pet confined to a certain area of your property for their comfort and safety.

How Big Should Your Dog Enclosure Be?

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Dog enclosures come in a wide range of sizes and heights to suit a variety of dog breeds and property types. Of course, both inside and outside pet enclosures are designed to accommodate dogs up to a certain size. Manufacturers typically provide a maximum recommended weight rating to make it easy to find enclosures for every pet. Therefore, you should be able to easily find an outdoor enclosure that’s right for your furry friend depending on their weight and height. 

If you are not sure how much your pet weighs, you may want to put them on the scale before you go shopping for an enclosure to house your dog outdoors. Additionally, consider how much shelter is in your yard and whether you can keep your dog confined and sheltered in that area. Most enclosures are customisable and their size and shape can be adjusted to suit your needs.

How Often Will Your Dog Be Contained In the Enclosure?

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When choosing an outdoor dog enclosure, consider how long do you want to contain your furry in. Keep in mind that dog enclosures are not meant to house your dog 24/7, but instead for a short period of time like while you are at work or somewhere outside. Look for something durable and sturdy, especially if your pet will be using the enclosure frequently. 

Certain materials are stronger and more weather-proof than others, one of these is metal. Outdoor dog enclosures for sale made of metal are probably the best solution possible since your furry friend can’t chew through it easily and hence you know they will be safe when left unsupervised. Plywood is also quite suitable for the outdoors since it’s strong, relatively lightweight, and durable.

On the other hand, polyester and other fabrics or lightweight plastic options can be a good choice for occasional use only. Do your research and choose an option with a covered roof or a water-resistant or waterproof cover to ensure that your canine stays dry and protected year-round.

Some Other Practical Considerations

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Additional practical factors such as the number of doors, locking/closure mechanism, roof, flooring, and portability could also influence the choice of a dog enclosure. The number of doors typically depends on the access you want for you and your dog into and out of the enclosure. Just make sure there is proper airflow since dog enclosures need adequate ventilation, no matter the material. A removable or hinged roof will be best for easy cleaning and proper maintenance. 

When choosing a dog enclosure, consider whether you need a stationary or portable enclosure. Large outdoor pet enclosures are designed to remain in the yard to provide a secure, enclosed spot for your canines. If you are planning to travel with your dog, consider portable enclosures which are lighter and intended for use on the go, making traveling with your furry simple and straightforward. 

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