Different Types of Car Roof Racks

Car storage is always important, whether it’s for mere storage, going on vacations, or moving. Nobody wants to find themselves in a situation where they have to move somewhere far away without having enough storage to bring along all the things they need. Most vehicles have some kind of space to store luggage, but you’ll be completely out of luck if you want to store anything more than that. I’ve already talked about mounting protective accessories on your car, but now it’s time to talk about mounting roof racks and the different types available. They’re incredibly useful, though not a lot of people are aware just how much. 

Naked Roof

As of the past decade or two, the naked roof is the default option for almost all cars. Up until the turn of the millennium, most cars actually had nothing on their roofs, but now cars have small plastic runners to affix a rack on, either temporarily or permanently. That is why this option comes up first when you’re looking for roof racks online. But thankfully, there are a lot of customisations available. They often look like mere decorations, but they’re fully customisable with plenty of advantages when it comes to using them. They’re made out of plastic or fibreglass most of the time, and installing and customising them is very easy. However, they generally offer limited storage capacity, so they’re not recommended to use if you need a lot of space for your luggage.

roof rack
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Side Rails

More often than not, side rails are mistaken for a full storage roof rack, when in fact, they’re actually the best basis for a more complex storage system. Side rails are typically found on SUVs and vans, and they’re great when you need to use something to transport in a pinch. However, they’re not exactly recommended for transporting something heavier than a mattress. What they are great at is being the basis of a much larger and complex storage system, and they are definitely much better at that than the standard naked roof. Even if your car didn’t come with these preinstalled, it’d be great to install them yourself.

Fixed Point

When it comes to an intentional upgrade, the fixed point is practically always the first choice for a new roof rack. It’s a great system that is usually only preinstalled on off-road vehicles such as the Jeep or the Range Rover, but they can be used by any vehicle, not just off-road ones. The fixed point system is actually a series of bars with divots that can support an elaborate system of roof racks and it can easily hold up to 80 kilograms. That means they’re ideal for transporting your entire vacation or camping gear, or anything you might need for moving, except the furniture, of course.

Canopy Mounts

If you’re looking for something to transport a lot of things, then canopy mounts are the ideal solution. They can hold a lot of weight easily, and they’re most typically installed on vehicles such as vans, trucks, and campers. However, if you’re planning on carrying a lot of things, as well as travelling regularly, then this system will be a bit of an overkill. That’s because it’s quite difficult to install, so not everyone can do it in a pinch. It takes a bit of time and skill, which is understandable, considering they were originally meant to transport things like canoes. They’re almost always made out of metal so you can be sure that they’re durable and reliable for carrying practically any weight your vehicle can handle.

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Rain Gutters

One of the greatest benefits of using rain gutters is that they can be easily found on older vehicles. They used to be standard in the 80s and 90s, so they were instrumental in how they shaped the entire roof rack industry. They were incredibly common, so a lot of companies designed their storage systems around these, making them incredibly easy to find and install. They can hold a lot of weight and are made out of metal, so they’re durable and sturdy. If you’re buying a used SUV or van that you’re planning on using as a vacation vehicle, then these are pretty much perfect.

Benefits of Using a Roof Rack

Simply more storage space is not the only advantage or benefit to using roof racks or roof railings. It’s true that they can offer a lot of space, and more often than not they can handle a lot of weight, but arguably the biggest advantage is reducing any and all safety risks. Lugging a lot of stuff with you in your car can potentially either damage the car, or pose a risk to your personal safety, and roof racks avoid that. On top of that, they’re quite easy to install most of the time, and they are generally pretty affordable.

How to Use a Roof Rack

roof rack
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Typically, roof racks come with three main components – side rails, towers, and mounts. The mounts hold the system to the vehicle while the towers are attached to the rails. Proper securing of items on the rack is done by tying them down with four points of contact to make sure that everything is stable and won’t fall off.

Roof racks play a vital role when it comes to cars, which is why they’re so widely used. That’s why it’s very easy to find a system that works for your vehicle when you’re looking for roof racks online, as there are plenty to choose from, and they’re quite customisable.

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