Decorate Your Home: Types of Art For Every Room

Art has the incredible ability to transform a living space, turning it from dull to vivid. If you’re an art connoisseur, you know this, but if you’re a newcomer to the art world, you should know that art has the power to make your house a home. It adds personality, depth and elegance to your rooms. It brings the room to life. And art doesn’t include just pictures; you can decorate with sculptures, antiques and anything else you like as long as you feel like it’s representing you.

Where to Start From

livingroom wall with lot of pictures

Decorating your room with art isn’t an easy task. You need to think about many things, from the theme you want to the colours and even the frames of the artwork, because they need to match your pictures.

There isn’t exactly a rule as to what kind of art you should hang in your rooms, but there are certain suggestions as to what works best in what room. So, we are going to be discussing what type of artwork should be displayed in each room and how to decorate with it and enjoy it. Let us begin.

Panoramic Pictures for the Bedroom

bed with panoramic picture above the bed

The bedroom is supposed to be the most relaxing room in your home because it’s the place where you fall asleep and wake up, and it should make you feel comfortable and at ease. That’s why the bedroom is the right choice for panoramic pictures that are nature-themed. Nature and greenery bring peace and calm to everyone, so having nature displayed in the bedroom is a great choice. Now, to hang them you’re going to need a quality panoramic picture frame.

What is a panoramic frame? It’s a very wide and narrow frame. And unfortunately due to their unusual ratio, they can sometimes be hard to find. But, the first step in choosing your panoramic frame is to check the size of the picture, so that you can make sure that the frame you’re getting is the right size.

If possible, choose an extra wide panoramic picture frame that includes a mat board. Mat boards offer a few practical benefits, such as visual distance between the edges of the panorama photo and the inside edges of the picture frame which helps provide an aesthetic balance and proportion for viewing the art of the photo.

Another important step when choosing a frame for your pictures is the colour. While white or black would usually be your first choice, and you wouldn’t be wrong since these two colours are the most common, when it comes to more natural-themed pictures, you can go with more naturally-coloured such as timber or walnut to complement the theme of the picture. You also need to take into consideration the theme of your bedroom. If your bedroom leans towards black and white, then you’re gonna choose a frame that goes with your design.

When it comes to material, you have a wide range of options, but wood frames not only are strong and provide protection, but they are also quite popular and you can find them in different shapes and designs. But, other materials such as aluminium or bronze aren’t bad either, so it all depends on you.

Statement Piece in the Living Room

The living room is where you’re most probably going to spend the biggest part of your time when you’re home and it’s also the place where you’ll have social gatherings, so it’s the perfect place to showcase your art. You can put a large painting or a sculpture that’s going to get everyone’s attention. You can even create a gallery wall where you can mix different artworks and different sizes to match the colour theme of your living room and show character.

Abstract in the Kitchen

kitchen with abstract art

The kitchen is the place where functionality meets creativity, that’s why abstract pieces would fit great here. Pick bold and colourful pieces that would bring a pop of colour and energy into the room. Whether it is a painting or a set of abstract prints, they’re are gonna bring even more of a character into an already exciting room.

Other great pieces for the kitchen are paintings of fruits which go along with any kitchen. Just be careful to place the pictures far away from the stove if you don’t want to constantly clean greasy spots on the glass.

Fun Art in the Bathroom

The bathroom is often overlooked when it comes to decorating with art, but it’s the one room where you can have a lot of fun with different art pieces. From funny pictures such as animals taking a bath or quirky sayings, you can put many things and make your bathroom fun and interesting.

Now, if don’t want to put that, you can always choose something more classy or anything soothing, so that you can look at it and find new details when you’re having a nice bubble bath.

Inspiration in the Office

office with art

Your workspace is the last place that should not be decorated with art. It’s the place where you do work and to do so, you’re going to need inspiration. This space is often where family photographs are, but that doesn’t mean that you cannot put other pieces that will reflect your personality, make you think and encourage you to work. You can even add your favourite inspirational quotes to help you motivate yourself and enjoy your time while working.

Art is a great way to express yourself and show your personality through it. Decorating your room with pieces that reflect your taste is something that will make you enjoy your living space more and it will turn your house into a home.

Each room has its unique purpose and atmosphere, so matching that atmosphere with artwork can only improve and enhance the room’s ambience and aesthetic. From calming nature-themed pictures in the bedroom to inspirational prints in the office, each room has its personality, you just need to find it.