Décor Game Made Easy: Ideas for Stylish Shelving

Sometimes, we rob ourselves of our own dreams out of thinking it’s not going to work, or out of fear that it takes too much work, time, and money to make it happen. I don’t even have to go any deeper than using the home’s décor as an example. How often is it that you catch yourself dreaming you had the perfect interior that seems it came straight out of the design mags pages?

Now, consider, how often is it that you leave it at that out of expecting it to cost an arm and a leg, not realising a small change every now and then can create a bigger impact. If you haven’t yet had the idea of using something as mundane or utilitarian as shelving to your advantage, then this blog post is for you.

How Do You Make a Shelf Look Aesthetic?

stylish shelf with leather straps
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A simple trick is to place all your bets on the styling, but it’s okay to feel somewhat overwhelmed about this styling game – especially after taking a glance at the boring and stale plain shelves. Here are a few ideas to assist you with giving your creativity a little boost.

Focus on the Aesthetic of the Shelf

Perhaps your shelves look boring because they don’t have much aesthetic to begin with, whether it’s the plain and outdated piece of wood board, the boring hue, the rusty brackets or the bolts that have given way to time and show signs of wear and tear. If you can afford it, the easiest thing to do is to just buy new ones. A design of stylish shelves with leather straps could be just what you need to add interest to the walls and spice up the area with some raw texture and beauty.

As it’s a natural material, a by-product of the meat industry, leather is a great choice for anyone who wishes to invest in the charm of the natural, which is sure to open the path for more natural décor. Such details are perfect teamed up with greenery, whether it’s a potted plant or a bouquet of fresh flowers in a cute vase.

And, depending on the surrounding décor or the main colour, you can pick out leather straps in a colour that matches the rest, or a different one for a striking and dramatic outcome. This kind of designer quality shelves with leather straps is the key to adding life to a smaller wall that would otherwise feel cluttered. It’s also the key to putting the décor and storage in order.

If you can’t afford to buy it, however, then you might have to roll up your sleeves and do some DIYing. No worries if leather straps don’t happen to lay around in your garage, as you can use a rope instead, and get a nice boho result. For particularly crafty individuals, a handwoven macrame shelf makes for a special personalised touch to the abode.

Select the Items You’d Be Happy to See Resting on the Shelves

shelves with leather straps
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The point of having shelves is to showcase some items that make your home feel like one, so there shouldn’t be room for anything you don’t care too much about. If you’re a bookworm and can’t help buying more novels, you can use a group of those with covers you find especially eye-pleasing to do the trick.

Some carefully selected pair of candle holders and candles, a special print with the inscription you hold near and dear, or a photo of precious moments neatly framed could be the pieces you need to fill up the space with character. A designer trick to tie it all neatly together is to choose a leather strap shelf in the same colour as the frame.

Souvenirs you picked out at your unforgettable family trips, or that precious piece of stone turned into sculpture your partner gave you for your relationship milestones are other extras you can proudly showcase. In short, anything and everything that has a special place in your heart is a good idea.

Sort Out the Placement

This is one of the aspects where you get the styling done properly, just as a designer would suggest, so the choice of shelf, its aesthetic, materials it’s made from, and the choice of the items, aren’t the only important ingredients to make this work. To be able to create a wall and room point that gives your eyes some rest, forget about overcrowding the shelf with items.

Adding fewer items is a step that’s better than adding more than the shelf was designed to hold, and so is leaving some space between them to get a more harmonious outcome. In case your hobby is collecting things and you have a collection you’ve assembled over the years that you want to use to adorn the walls, perhaps a pair of shelves would work better than layering it all one after the other without leaving any space between each of the items.

If your plan is to add some balance by going all in on symmetry, you can, but it’s much better visually if you count on the scale to add more interest. Group items of different sizes, separate them into two sections to add on both sides of the shelf and leave the middle space blank, or fill it up by placing a colourful print at the back. Décor game made easy!