Curb Appeal Equals Value: Ideas to Give Your Home a Facelift

There’s a lot more in a home’s look than we give it credit, since not everything is about the interior décor – not when it’s the exterior that has a great say in the impression one gets. Of course, it’s not only the impression there is: there’s also the value of one’s home, and it’s something that can be improved by adding curb appeal, one that you’d pride yourself on.

The mailbox area is one of the primary options to be taken care of, as well as the addition of plants, but the introduction of manufactured veneer stone is also something that would make a great difference.Hand crafted from pieces of natural stone, with the same charms of stone yet much easier to use, it can be adhered to any clean, and untreated surface, such as concrete board, and masonry walls.

Moreover, the manufactured veneer stone is affordable, lightweight, durable, versatile, and perfect for DIY landscaping projects as it is easy to cut. It’s just as easy to maintain it, since periodic washing of the surface to remove dust and debris is all that you’d have to do. You can count on emphasising the outdoors with the help of the veneer stone’s colour and texture.

Speaking of colour, it’s always the right time to give the paint some refreshment, and get the result of a brighter and lively home. This can refer to the doors, windows, trim, shutters, as well as any of the surfaces that could do with some reviving.

In case you aren’t sure on the colour, and are afraid of making a drastic change, there are some interesting apps that can come in handy, like the one called Front Door Paint, showing you what the door would look like with different paint choices.

When it comes to brightness, you can’t leave out the lighting fixtures either.
Nowadays, there’s a wide range of fixtures that would help with illuminating your outdoors to get that much needed safety, and security, and style at the same time, choosing vintage or modern fixtures – whatever suits your home best.

At the same time, it’s not just about the fixtures themselves, but the types of bulbs used too. With the use of latest technology, the options of LEDs are vast, and you can find adequate lighting for highlighting the features you’re most proud of, like the mailbox you so love, the beautiful tree you planted with your family, or the charm of the veneer stone walls. Feel inspired by these ideas to give your home a facelift?