Cool Ideas Of How To Organize Under a Kitchen Sink

“I have enough space in the kitchen to accommodate everything”, said no housewife ever. Yes, kitchen space is never enough. And how it would be enough, when there are so many necessities without which no modern kitchen can function normally. While we always lack cabinet space, we often forget the space under the kitchen sink. With come little tricks you can turn your under sink cabinet into a valuable storage space. Here are some ideas on how to organize the space under your kitchen sink.


Cover The Bottom On The Cabinet With A Waterproof Covering

Before you turn your under the kitchen sink cabinet into a storage space, line the bottom with a waterproof covering, to protect the wood from possible water leaks. You can do this with special plasticized paper, aluminum foil or laminate tiles. You can choose other type of covering, but keep in mind that they must be waterproof and easy to clean.

Use Stackable Organizers

One or more stackable organizers will help you organize the space in your cabinet, and with that you will be able to maximize the storage space. Regardless if you arrange them horizontally or vertically, you will be able to store many small necessities and make room for other items. Stackable organizers are available in a variety of sizes and types, so it will be pretty easy for you to choose the ones for your under kitchen sink cabinet.


Add Few Binder Clips

Attach binder clips on the side walls or doors of the cabinet and hang the dish washing gloves and the cleaning clothes on them. This way you will always know where to look for the cleaning gloves or a cloth you need at the moment.

Attach Baskets To The Door/s

Regardless if your cabinet under the kitchen sink has one or two doors, you can always get the most of their usage. For example, you can choose to attach metal containers, baskets or a variety of door organizers. Whatever you choose, by putting in use the doors of your cabinet as a storage space, you will always have the things you use most commonly on hand.


Use Under Shelf Baskets

There’s always a space under the shelves that is not utilized, and the best way to use it is to attach under shelf baskets. You can buy these baskets in the exact size to match the dimensions of your cabinet. With these baskets you will turn the space under your kitchen sink into a functional storage place.



Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do.