Birthstones Gift Ideas

Each zodiac sign has its own specific characteristics and has its certain crystals that fit in order to achieve life balance. Crystals have healing properties, as well as being lovely to look at. Birthstone jewelry makes a beautiful gift for your loved ones, so read on to find out which crystals are ideal for each zodiac sign!



Amethyst– Many Aries people have problems with patience and show great dissatisfaction when something does not go according to their plan. Amethyst is ideal for mitigating these characteristics, because it brings inner peace, gives patience, brings stability and balance.

Jasper – Aries people are full of plans; they are brave and ambitious. Jasper in this case helps to be easier to focus and achieve their goals, bestows fearlessness. On the other hand this gemstone has a soothing effect and helps to easily cope with stress.


Rose Quartz – Because of their stubbornness and possessive behavior, rose quartz is the stone that every Taurus should wear, to remind them of tenderness, love and understanding towards others. Taureans find it hard to forgive sometimes, and this stone will help them forget the past and move on.

Rhodonite – The beautiful rhodonite will also help them to forgive others and will learn them about unconditional love. Rhodonite is a good gift for a Taurus, because it soothes and reduces conflicts. It purifies the heart, removes all the bad emotions and emotional scars from the past.


Tourmaline – Geminis have lots of ideas and sometimes they don’t know what are their priorities, and act a little lost. Tourmaline is great, because it gives mental clarity, gives energy, improves memory, reduces fear and transforms negative emotions into positive.

Citrin – This stone brings good mood, boosts energy levels and gives a freshness that is constantly in need of Gemini. Citrin clears the mind, facilitates decision-making and helps to better solve the obstacles in life. Known as the stone of success, for attracting material wealth, prosperity and success in all areas, which is good for the Geminis because they like to express themselves in many fields.


Moonstone – This stone helps to express the positive characteristics such as sensitivity, intuition, compassion and brings emotional stability which is what they need the most. Cancerians are hypersensitive and the moonstone helps to cope in such situations and calms their emotions.

Snowflake Obsidian – Cancerians are sensitive and sensible, which makes them seem unstable at times. They have difficulty in dealing with emotions and negative energy that surrounds them. Snowflake obsidian is a very protective gemstone, that protects our aura from negativity.


Onyx – Onyx was a symbol of courage in ancient times, therefore will attract many Leos whose main characteristic is precisely – courage. Leos like to express their dominance, power and strength, and with the onyx they will achieve all of this – they will appear more graceful, powerful, strong and rich.

Citrin – This stone is also good for Leos, because it calms them and brings them success and material wealth, which is exactly what they want.


Carnelian – This stone reduces fear, the need for criticism and brings tremendous power. Virgo often gives the impression of a cold person, and the carnelian will give them warmth, joy and love. In addition, this stone will remind them of their own strength and encourage them to realize their plans.

Jade – Due to the constant movement, the desire to achieve perfection and criticism, Virgos have nervous system problems. Jade brings them calmness, protects the nervous system, strengthens their body and protects them from mental and physical illnesses.


Aventurine – Sociability is one of the best Libra traits, therefore the most important thing to Libras is to be in a good mood and enjoy life. Aventurine brings them joy, helps to easily make decisions that will result in success. It also gives enthusiasm, strength and balance.

Quartz – Libras want peace, harmony and balance in life, and quartz or rock crystal will help them to achieve that. This crystal balances the left and right hemispheres of the brain, reduces confusion and brings clarity of thought and action.


Unakite – Scorpios are vengeful sometimes, and unakite brings balance to the emotional level and helps them to overcome past. Mysterious Scorpios rarely express their emotions, and this stone will help them to express their repressed emotions.

Onyx – Onyx will help them to express their enormous amount of power, energy and their inner knowledge. This stone provides protection in situations of conflict, protects against negativity. Relieves fears and concerns, brings positive attitude and improves concentration. It symbolizes honesty, spiritual strength, quickness.


Sodalite – Communication is very important for Sagittarians who love to socialize and express their ideas. They are often quarrelsome, tactless and impatient, so this stone will reduce these characteristics because calms overactive mind and brings peace, and acts on the throat chakra – facilitates communication.

Howlit – Sagittarians are fiery and they often say things without thinking. Howlit brings calmness, reduces tension and gives tact in interpersonal relationships. Since they are constantly on the move, have lots of ideas and plans, and are often exhausted, howlit will help because it provides energy, strength and courage.


Moonstone – Capricorns believe that showing feelings is a weakness, and will always keep their emotions to themselves. Moonstone will help them to more easily express their emotions and to reduce frustration, depression and other mental and physical disorders.

Snowflake Obsidian – A fear of failure and doubt in their own abilities are the features of many people born under this sign. This crystal brings calmness and helps them to realize that failure is a part of life. Helps against destructive thoughts, gives strength when Capricorn wants to give up their ideas, and protects against negativity.


Jasper – Aquarians have a need to be different and to constantly express themselves. Jasper gives mental clarity and helps to focus on the important things in life. Aquarians love to daydream and have a lot of plans, and this stone will help them to realize their dreams.

Obsidian – Aquarians are very moody, and this stone will help to balance emotions and release negative emotions. Gives self-control and reveals their hidden talents.


Amethyst – This crystal will emphasize the positive characteristics and talents of people born under the sign of Pisces. Pisceans are prone to addictions because they like escaping from reality, and amethyst is excellent against all kinds of addictions. Since they are very sensitive, Pisceans often have trouble sleeping and this crystal brings calmness and deep sleep.

Quartz – Sensitive Pisceans are prone to diseases, often have weak immune system and psyche. Quartz is considered the most powerful healing crystal and brings a large amount of vital energy.

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