Birthday Gift Ideas for Women Who Have Everything

Everyone has that woman in their life who seems impossible to shop for. She has it all. While, sure, you know she’ll appreciate whatever you gift her, you don’t want to give her something she already has – just one more bag in her closet. Whether you’re trying to find the perfect gift for your wife, mom, sister or friend, you want her to be wow-ed by your choice and love how personal it is. And when it comes to her birthday, you want to shower her with love and nothing but fine things. Check out our creative and memorable gift picks – whichever you decide to go for, don’t forget to pair it with a thoughtfully written card!

Delectable Chocolate Box

Luxury chocolate box with flower and raffaello

A luxury chocolate box birthday present is one of the most adored gifts among women. If she is an enthusiastic chocolate lover, she will indulge in the taste of your chosen choccies for days to come. You can easily order these goodies online and have them delivered right to her doorstep. In some of the finest chocolate box birthday delights, you can find Lindor Balls, Belgian chocolate, donuts, etc. And some options are also paired with a bottle of Moet & Chandon for the ultimate indulging experience.

When shopping for a birthday gift chocolate hamper, make sure to pick one that has all of her favourite chocolate combinations to surprise and delight her and leave a lasting impression.

Her Favourite Potted Plant

Find her favourite potted plant, plant it in a cute decorative box and add a personalised card to show your love and appreciation. She can use this thoughtful birthday gift both indoors and outside on the patio or in the garden. If she doesn’t have a specific plant she particularly loves, you can play it safe and choose some of the most popular options. Make sure it has colourful blooms, and it’s easy to take care of. You can send her an orchid, a modern succulent plant or a flowering dish garden.

Orchids are stunningly beautiful and easy to care for. Whether you go for one that has a single orchid stem or an orchid with multiple stems, this plant always wows when delivered. White orchids are the most popular kind, but you can also go with colourful orchids, such as pink, blue or purple ones. Thanks to their modern look and dessert feel, succulents are the ideal birthday plant for the woman who has it all. Dish gardens consist of various green plants and sometimes have flowering plants arranged in a single container.

Adult Coloring Book Kit

adult coloring book for stress relief

Isn’t it amazing that colouring has become so popular among adults? The truth is, arts and crafts never stop being fun, no matter how old you are. Whether your giftee is an avid art fan or has never coloured in her adult years, gifting her a colouring book kit is a great way to help her relax and unwind in her free time. Plus, there are so many beautiful colouring books you can buy online that come with exquisite colouring supplies, so finding one she’ll like shouldn’t be that hard. Adult colouring book kits usually consist of a paperback colouring book, coloured pencils and gel pens for a complete experience.

A Book Subscription

If the lady you’re shopping for is a bookworm, you will not go wrong with gifting her literature she’ll love. Shopping for people who are into books can be tricky as you may not always know if they’ve already read something or purchased it. Luckily, a book subscription box will remove all the guesswork from the equation. This will give your giftee an element of control as they can choose whatever they want to read next.

A Personalised Family Portrait

Giving gifts is always thoughtful, but making yours much more personal, like a custom family illustration, will have your recipient beaming even brighter. You can find your favourite photo of you and customise the print. For an added touch, you can even add a personal message below the image to make it a gift that will evoke great memories for years to come!

A Weighted Blanket


We all love sleeping and being curled up under a cosy blanket, so we’re sure your giftee will love it too! Nowadays, more and more people have realised the amazing benefits of weighted blankets. They can help overcome typical sleep issues and anxieties. Plus, they stimulate the release of the feel-good hormones – dopamine and serotonin. Weighted blankets offer the much needed deep pressure touch that triggers the release of these hormones. They also mimic a hug – triggering the release of oxytocin – the happy hormone. Oxytocin reduces blood pressure, slows down the heart rate, and promotes relaxation. Simply put, a weighted blanket feels like a warm hug while falling asleep, and we can all agree it’s the ultimate gift for the woman in your life who just loves snuggling.