Bathroom Organizing Ideas: Stylish and Practical Accessories for Sleek and Uncluttered Bath

Having a home we truly love and enjoy is crucial for our well-being. That’s even true for the smallest yet essential room: the bathroom. Going to a bathroom where everything is on the floor and colours don’t match creates a sensation of a mess that can put you in a mood before you even realise it. 

On the other hand, a tidy and organised bathroom area can make a big difference in your daily routines: you’ll spend less time cleaning and searching for items like toothbrushes, soaps and razors. And, you’ll spend less time in family arguments.

If organising seems daunting to you, know that it’s the little things that can pull out the look of the bathroom and help you organise it. All you need to do is buy bathroom accessories perfect for your space, such as a toothbrush holder, lotion dispenser, soap dish, or basket for storage. Here are some simple organising ideas for a stylish and functional bathroom.

Bathroom Organisation Hacks for Sleek and Uncluttered Space

Close-up of neatly organised bathroom

Organise the Vanity

Being the centrepiece of the bathroom and exposed to everyday use, the vanity tends to get much cluttered. You may ask yourself: how should I arrange my bathroom vanity? Removing as many items as possible from the vanity will allow you to wipe the counter frequently. That way, you’ll also have plenty of space to get ready every day. However, it’s best and most convenient to store items you use daily on the vanity’s countertop. How can you organise them in a way which is both practical and aesthetically pleasing?

Choose a Matching Bath Set

A bath set containing a toothbrush holder, hand soap dispenser and a soap dish is an organisational must. It provides the space you need for holding your daily essentials. 

Choosing one that complements your bathroom design can help you get the sleek look you want to achieve. Use neutral colours to make these items blend in or pastels for a smooth pop of colour.  Stone and wooden patterns can be a great way to implement natural elements.

Place Your Bath Set on a Tray

For a tidy look, place your bath set on a tray: it’ll help you stay organised and add style. Trays on your bathroom countertop are a great way to showcase your favourite makeup, perfume bottles, and other accessories. They’re like a chic vignette of attractive packaging and an inspiring idea to freshen up your bathroom.

Use Hooks for Vertical Storage

Hanging hooks for linen and accessories helps you make the best of vertical spaces like the walls, keeping horizontal vanity spaces free and uncluttered. They also ensure bathroom linens are dry when you need them. Combine them well with your bathroom wall lights to give the walls an aesthetical dimension.

Another way to use hooks is to hang them inside cabinet doors. Hanging various small items onto them is a neat solution to get them out of your way. You can attach makeup containers and a wire basket for hot tools to the oversized cabinet doors. A magnetic strip to hang your bobby pins, nail clippers and tweezers can also be handy.

Organise the Drawers and the Closet

Close-up of bathroom drawer

How many times have you been looking for something in your drawers unsuccessfully and went out to buy a new one, just to find out later that it was there all the time? Again, clutter makes us waste our time and money, meaning we can save a ton by simply decluttering and re-organising. What are some of the best drawer and closet storage solutions?

The answer is that it depends on the items you want to store, how accessible you want them to be and the overall look you want to achieve. 

Use Different Types of Containers

Shallow vanity drawers can benefit from organising bins in various sizes to store products properly and find everything on rushed mornings. It’s best to keep your detergents in large plastic containers to prevent damage from spills. They’re great to put in the cabinet under the sink. 

While plastic see-through boxes are great for storing makeup, medication and other small items, woven baskets are a must for an open shelve system, where you can keep linens, towels, toilet paper and other toiletries. 

Putting some plastic trays or paper sheets at the bottom of your drawers can help you clean them easier, no matter the storage units you choose. 

Genius Basket Hook Tags

For easy access, you can order basket hook tags with custom labels. Or you can write on them using a permanent marker or paint pen. Hook tags are a nice hack to know what’s inside your baskets without taking out each one before you find what you need. And, it gives a pleasing aesthetics to your open shelves.

Organise the Shower and the Bathtub

Close-up of bathub organizers

Since the bathtub and shower often have no built-in storage, organising them can be challenging. If planning to buy bathroom accessories for this particular area, opt for high-quality, heavy-duty storage units. Avoid flimsy suction-cupped caddies that hang on the neck of the showerhead. Instead, for a spa-like bath experience, choose a handcrafted wooden bath shelf. Rustic yet beautiful, it gives a unique look, featuring natural elements, such as gum veins and knots.

It never hurts to reconsider your bath/shower routine and leave within reach of the hand items you only use daily.  To beautify your bathroom space, transfer them into reusable, timeless classic bottles reminiscent of vintage apothecary bottles. Buy ones labelled Shampoo, Conditioner & Body Wash, and fill them with your favourite products, which you can now purchase in bulk, saving you both money and reducing household waste.

Go Up with a Wooden Ladder

What’s the key to making the most out of a tiny bathroom? Empty wall space in a small bathroom is only a waste, so go up. Hang shelves for your makeup, use an etagere, or add a cabinet. A wooden ladder brings a rustic feel to any room; putting it in a small bathroom and designing it to fit over the toilet is an excellent way to make the most of this area.