Baby Wipes: Some Ideas on How to Use Them

Welcoming a baby to your life and household certainly calls for celebration. How can it not? Babies enrich our lives, show us how to be more responsible, shows us the great extent of love an individual is capable of while at the same time they teach us how to be more compassionate. And then there’s the lovely baby smell.

Okay, as any parent knows, not everything is lovely, especially not when there’s a diaper to change or a food mess to clean up but nothing’s difficult when you’ve got the supply of baby wipes to help you out; that’s what being a resourceful parent is about!

Of course, not all wipes are the same, and some may be more dangerous to your little one’s health than others, so it’s necessary to be more prudent with the choices you make regarding this purchase because there’s a vast variety available. To have your peace of mind, and clear out any mess with ease, you just have to look for eco friendly baby wipes.

eco friendly baby wipes

If you’re wondering what makes these better than the rest, it’s to do with the fact they’re free of alcohol, preservatives and fragrances, which makes them ideal for the delicate baby skin unlike alternatives full of chemicals. Having in mind how absorbent the baby skin can be, spending a little more time on research for the perfect wipes seems like the wise thing to do, I’m sure you’d agree.

Since there’s been a lot of greenwashing happening as of late, due to the green trends being on the rise, it’s best to look for the materials and substances the wipes consist of before you buy them. For instance, why go for something attractive only because of the low price, when you don’t even know the material, and you can easily find affordable organic bamboo wipes, chemical free?

A great investment!

Don’t be fooled by the “baby” in wipes; Thanks to how useful eco friendly baby wipes can be, it’s not only young parents who’d find them essential to have around at all times, cleaning their baby, toys or the pram. What’s interesting is the more you use them, the more creative you become with them.

women with boy holding natural baby wipes

Germ-Free Outside

Anyone going camping knows what I’m talking about! Wipes can be an alternative to showering when you’re out in nature and you aren’t rich enough to have a motorhome equipped with a shower cabin or you want to wash up on the go when staying out and about during the weekend.

Speaking of which, they’re truly must-have in your bag when you need to wash your hands and don’t have water and soap around or want to sanitise some public spots  where you know you’d find lots of germs. Moreover, for those who hate having their shoes dirty from mud, despite being in nature and it’s something one ought to expect, rest assured the wipes have you covered.

Gentle on the Skin

When you choose eco friendly that means you’re also able to remove the makeup without irritating the eyes or the skin. Not only are they gentle on the skin and eyes, they can also serve as fresheners, particularly in cases when you’re in need of some refreshment on a hot day. You could even chill them up in the fridge if you’re in desperate need to cool off prior to sleeping.

best natural baby wipes

Resourceful Cleaning Product

Need to remove some stains at home? Grab your pack of eco friendly baby wipes! This also refers to times when you put more hair dye than you should (if you dye your own hair), and it starts dripping on your face.

And oh, I’ve even tried removing stains from clothes with these ingenious moisturised cloths – depending on the stain, and how fresh it is, you could manage to remove it with wipes. They’re especially perfect for cleaning leather jackets.

My personal favourite is cleaning up the dust off the surfaces at home, including small details like the light switches, because not only is it piece of cake to do so and fast at that when you’ve got wipes to count on, it brings about a pleasant scent too, that is when you buy scented ones.

They’re even suitable for cleaning the dust off your plant’s leaves. Thanks to how lightweight they are, they enable you to use them for cleaning hard-to-reach spots too, pulling them around with a stick for example; I immediately have the top of the curtains in mind.

Furthermore, if your car looks like it hasn’t been used in a long time because of the dust piled inside, just get your wipes, pass through the surfaces and voilà. Once they’ve dried out, don’t throw them immediately since they’re great for dusting even when dry; this way you’d economise on wipes and cut down your waste!