Antique Mirrors Design Ideas

According to some home interior designers, mirrors are never limited with specific decorating rules. You can place them anywhere you like. If you want to emphasize certain furniture pieces and bring light in the room, then don’t hesitate to hang a nice antique mirror on the wall. It’s time to take your old antique mirror out of the garage to add brightness in your favorite room. Antique mirrors have the power to make rooms look bigger and spacious. Your home deserves a glamorous touch. Antique mirrors are classic ornaments that give elegant and royal look when properly matched with your furniture. Maybe it’s time to open your creative mind and decorate your room a little bit different than you are used to. To ease your task, we have listed few amazing antique mirrors design ideas.


Vanity Mirrors

If you want to feel like you live in a royal house, then decorate your bedroom with a gorgeous antique mirror. Simply place the mirror above your vanity table and use it as a last-minute check point. Antique mirrors reflect the light from the balcony, making your bedroom bright and glamorous.


Dining Room Mirrors

If you want to expand your dinning room visually, then place an antique mirror on your wall. A good thing about antique mirrors, is that you can match them with modern dinning tables and chairs to add more contrast. Large antique mirrors that are restored properly create luminosity and unite all elements, creating an inviting area for eating.


Entryway Mirrors

If you want to add charm and elegance into your entrance area, then place a nice table and antique mirror with a vase of fresh flowers. Mirrors are ideal solution for small entryways. Use antique mirrors and add something new in the entryway.


Bathroom Antique Mirrors

Antique mirrors look very attractive even in traditional bathrooms. However, you need to find a mirror that matches your bathroom decor. If you prefer a classic look, then go with a square antique mirror. But, if you like relaxed and casual look then go with oval antique mirror.


Living Room Antique Mirrors

Antique mirrors are perfect pieces for your living room, especially when placed above the mantel. The mirror reflects the beauty of the the candles and all other items in the living room. It gives that cozy feeling. You would not find a better focal point for a living room.