A Few Stylish Ideas for Hospitality Work Clothes

The role of work clothes for a hospitality business is manifold. First of all, they help workers look clean and respectable, and meet all safety and health requirements. But most importantly, uniforms help you establish a unique brand, making your business stand out from the rest. And believe me, how your crew is dressed can greatly affect a customer’s first impression of your business. Whether you own a small diner or run a national chain of restaurants, fitting your entire crew in stylish uniforms can help create a professional atmosphere for both employees and quests. If you’re considering refreshing your staff’s look for the next season, here are a few timeless uniform ideas that can fit perfectly in any hospitality setting.

Black and WhiteWork Clothes For Sale

The black and white uniform is a fashion classic in a variety of hospitality settings. Most of the time this look is adopted because of a lack of inspiration, however with the help of some gorgeous designer work clothes for sale it can be given the right amount of pep. White shirts with black pants and waist aprons, seem clean but face it, we’ve all grown bored form seeing the same uniform over and over again. If you’ve chosen this look for your crew, make sure to achieve it in a way that will make it look unique. Rather than opting for clean white shirts, think about patterns such as checks or stripes. Pair a striped shirt with a smart white bib apron for a contemporary look. Another fancy combination is a check shirt with black pants and black leather for a vintage, yet distinguished style.

Military Style

Work Clothes For Sale - Military Style

A military inspired uniform is incredibly versatile, and when done right, it can seem right at home regardless if it’s an urban cafe or a fancy hotel. This style is represented by a colour palette of navy and khaki. A really nice match would be an olive bib apron with a shirt in navy stripes, paired with khaki pants. Some metal elements on the shoulder strap can add just the right finishing touch for a look that screams military, yet feels sophisticated.

New NauticalWork Clothes For Sale - New Nautical

Say bye-bye to smart casual – nautical is the hottest inspiration for causal work uniforms. It’s a crisp, cool look that reminds us of up-scale European cafes. To create this look, shop for work clothes for sale in navy colours and denim material. For instance, pair a striped or a navy blue shirt together with a light denim waist apron or skirt. If you want to add a playful touch, this look is entirely open for accessories, like for example a small monochromatic scarf around the neck, or a dark blue beret. Together with some old school Vans, you have the perfect youthful look for an urban cafe.