A Few Ideas on How to Get the Most Out of Your Bike Basket

When I was a kid, I remember spending the entirety of my summer vacations on my bike. It was the strangest thing since I wasn’t a particularly sporty type and I remember feeling like I was having a stroke after running the length of an average classroom, but when it came to my bike, I used to spend a good 3-5 hours a day on it. I was pleasantly surprised to find out that after quite a few years I was still able to just take it out of my garage and go for a spin around town just like I used to. While I initially wanted to use it to get back into shape a little bit, I found that with just one attachment it can become the perfect means for transportation, and that attachment is the bike basket.

universal bike basket

The obvious biggest benefit to getting a universal bike basket is that it can allow you to carry a few items with you wherever you go without having to resort to strapping bags on your arms or having to carry a cumbersome backpack with you. Well to be honest, the ability to carry items with you is the only use that the universal bike basket has, but it can carry so many different kinds of items and be used in such a wide variety of situations that you will wonder how you used to go anywhere without it.

For example, the bike basket can turn your bike into the perfect transportation means to go to work with since it can provide you with a place where you can place your satchel or laptop bag without having to carry it on your back. They are also perfect for grocery shopping because most of them come with the ability to detach from the bike and be used as a shopping basket to take around the store and pick out your products. And finally, even though it doesn’t exactly add to the bike’s mountain biking capabilities, it can be useful for carrying your workout gear in while you go to a perfect spot where you can stop and jog or do your preferred exercises.

Whether you decide to go with the wire mesh, the wicker weave or whatever other type of basket you pick out, this is the ideal way that you can turn your bike into a great means of transportation that can help you get a bit more active, while also saving you some money on gas.

Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do.