7 Style Ideas On How To Wear Vests for Women

Are you looking for a way to spice your outfits? Are you tired of all the boring combinations of t-shirts, blouses and sweaters with skirts, jeans and trousers? If so, now it’s the time to introduce a new fashion item to your wardrobe – a vest. The vest can make a difference and changes in your style and transform almost any outfit from blah to fab. And in terms of styling, the truth is there are no set rules on how to wear vests for women. Simply use your creativity and a sense of fashion as options are endless. Here are few ideas to get you inspired.


Idea #1: Find The Right Vest For Your Body Type

Not all vests for women fit everyone, in terms of body shape. Given this, if you have a small bust use vest to add layers to your figure, and cover the non-perfect parts of your body. On the other hand, if you have larger bust, you need to be careful with your choice of a vest. Opt for thinner fabric to avoid enlarging of your torso.

Idea #2: Combine Black Or Brown Vest With Loose, Fairly Blouse

The combination of vest with loose, fairly blouse will toughen up your girly look. This is a perfect casual look. As we’ve mentioned before, when it comes to vests for women there are no strict limitations. Thus, feel free to play with colours and styles. Add jeans or fitted skirt, and flats or high heels and you’ve got a win-win look.


Idea #3: Opting For A Punk Rock Vibe? Then Go With a Vest

If your goal is punk style, then the vest is the best fashion item that will help you achieve the look. Just choose a t-shirt of your favourite band, and combine it with cropped or leather vest. The vest will add texture to your punk vibe. Put on your skinny jeans and you are good to go.

Idea #4: Stay Warm And Stylish During Cold Weather

There are so many vests for women to choose from that will help you stay warm and stylish during colder seasons. Choose a puffy-style vest and combine it with your favourite jeans or pants, and beat the low temperatures in style!

Idea #5: For A Sexy Chic Appeal Go With Faux Fur Vest

For a classic and chic look what you need is a faux fur vest. Complement the vest with tight t-shirt and appropriate accessories, put on your skinny jeans and you are done. It’s all you need to create sexy chic look.


Idea #6: Pair Vest With Your Favourite Jeans

This is a winning classic combination for everyday look. All you need is a simple white t-shirt, black vest and your favourite jeans, regardless of the colour. The colour of t-shirt doesn’t have to be white, but is highly recommended. As we said, you are not limited, it’s all up to you.

Idea #7: Play With Different Matches

Always make sure the vest you plan to wear matches the pants or shirt you’ve chosen. To avoid looking too serious, complement your style with cute shoes and feminine jewelry. This way you will look fashionable and classic at the same time.