5 Stylish Ideas On How To Wear Woolen Scarves

Women cannot imagine their daily outfits without at least one fashion accessory. Of course, handbags rules, but there is one more accessory which is becoming an indispensable part of fashion – woollen scarves. Although usually associated with the winter season, stylish, classy and inexpensive, wool scarves are becoming an all-year-round accessory.

Scarves come in different shapes, sizes, colours and materials, from cotton and cashmere to wool. And with so many different ways to wear a scarf, you just can’t have too many scarves. Yes, there are ways a scarf can be worn. If you though you can wear this fashion accessory only around your neck, you are wrong. Take a look at the five stylish and easy ideas on how to wear woollen scarves.


As a Shawl – This is a cute way to use a woolen scarf. All you need to do is to place the scarf over your shoulders and make a twist. Worn this way, the scarf will keep you warm when cool and will make you look classy if going to a party. The best thing is that it can be combined with anything.

As a Fashion Piece – Who said that you need to wear a scarf only for a specific reason? You can wear silk, cotton, cashmere or woollen scarves as a statement piece with a shirts, jacket, coat or even a handbag. Scarves are the perfect way to complete your outfit and look stylish. If you need an idea on how to wear it, just type on YouTube and pick one.

To Enhance A Dress – Woollen scarves are not designed to be worn on or over a coat only. They can also be worn with a dress. Worn this way, a scarf will enhance your style and give you a lovely classic and sophisticated look.

As a Poncho – Woollen scarves are a perfect way to keep you warm during fall and winter. If you want to wear it as a poncho you just need to place it over your shoulders and wrap right to left or left to right side – whatever works best for you. This is the basic way to wear a woolen scarf as a poncho.

As a Head Shawl – Not only silk scarves can be worn as a head shawl. When its cold outside, besides hat you can wear a woolen ladies scarf. The great thing is that it will not only protect your head, but the hairdo too.

Woollen scarves are a great accessory to wear during wintertime for extra warmth, but can also help you make a fashion statement all year round.