4 Fun Ways to Spend the Weekend with Friends and Family

The one thing all of us can agree on is that the weekend passes so fast. It’s like you blink once, and it’s already Monday. And while all of the weekend chores aren’t going anywhere, make sure to spend at least two or more weekends in the month having fun. In the end, the chores will never stop, they can only double in number, but the time spent with your friends and family is valuable and will stay forever ‘engraved’ in your memory. Nowadays, there are way too many things that you can do with your friends and family without having to splurge a fortune in order to have fun.

Taste New Beer with Friends

 friends making a toast with New Zealand beers
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Whether going to a beer craft boutique or hosting a beer tasting for friends, the fun is guaranteed with either of these things. The choice for beers is huge, and this time, aside from your usual beer choice, make sure to add something new to your list. And, if you haven’t tried New Zealand Beers, now is the time. Craft beer in New Zealand continues to rise rapidly with more than 70 breweries creating beer using the worldwide known Kiwi-grown hops. The reason for their huge reputation is their excellent aroma and flavours.

Even though it’s hard to define it because of the many beer varieties, the truth is that tasty and flavourful New Zealand beer is incredibly popular around the globe. In recent years, it’s the New Zealand pilsner that has become quite popular because of its neutral malt flavour. This beer is slightly bitter and it has tropical and fruity hop flavours and aromas.

The number of varieties and the number of breweries grows from year to year, which gives you the freedom to try different types of NZ beers. When throwing a beer-tasting party, don’t forget about the food. These incredible beers can be paired with some specific seafood like oysters and also with other white meat like chicken. Appetisers are a must when throwing a beer-tasting party, so make sure to stock plenty of them.

Regarding the beer type, make sure to invest in different New Zealand beer varieties coming from different breweries. You can shop for such beers online in nay well-stock beer shop. If not sure what to choose, you can always opt for a pack that contains a large selection of different beers, or you can ask for help. Maybe some of your friends have a better knowledge of beers from this country, so you’ll be able to make the perfect beer choice. But in case you’re wondering about ‘What kind of beer do they drink in New Zealand?’, the answer is lager, both pale and amber coloured with around 4 – 5% alcohol by volume.

Cook Dinner with Your Family

One of the best ways to spend more time together, to bond better and create some unforgettable memories is by cooking. Since dinner is the time when the whole family is home, you can involve everyone in making dinner and then just sit down and enjoy it together. Make sure to pick something that everyone adores, this goes mainly for those of you who have children. You can end the night by watching a movie together. Watching a movie can be also great for those times when the weather is bad and doesn’t allow for going anywhere. A movie and some popcorn is always a good idea.

Take a Family Bike Ride

Don’t let a pleasant and warm weekend days pass by without doing anything. If not in the mood to go shopping or go on a weekend getaway, you can still take the most out of the weekend by spending at least one day on a family bike ride. You go on a bike ride around the neighbourhood or to the closest park and have an amazing time together. As a bonus, you’ll get your exercise without having to spend time in the gym.

Aside from bringing plenty of water and snacks, don’t forget about your protective gear. Whether having children in the family or not, wearing protective gear is a must if you want to stay safe when on the road. Helmet, elbow, knees and wrist pads are essential pieces of protective gear that should be worn by both children and adults. That’s because they significantly reduce the chances of injuries which are quite common and in some cases serious.

This goes especially to those of you who don’t wear helmets. The truth is that helmets can protect your head not only from bruises and cuts but also from serious head injuries that can lead to bleeding and in some cases even death. So, it’s always better to stay on the safe side and in this case, this is protective gear.

Make sure to invest in the right size and have the best time with your family. Keep in mind that the chosen gear should meet Australian standards, otherwise, you risk being sanctioned for not following the rules. When riding bikes with kids, make sure to do it on smooth and paved surfaces. Make sure to avoid traffic and avoid streets and surfaces with sand, gravel, water and dirt as well since riding on such surfaces can become messy.

Bake Healthy Cookies Together

family enjoying their time
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Baking healthy cookies together with the whole family can be more fun than you think. Instead of white flour, use some wholemeal flour and instead of sugar, you can use a healthier alternative. Just relax, open your mind and don’t think of the mess.
Children love helping their parents, especially in the kitchen, so if you have them, let them help you bake cookies together. To make everything more fun, buy aprons and chef’s hats for everyone and let the fun begin. Be sure that this will be an unforgettable memory for all of you. This fun activity in the kitchen can also be the perfect way for your children to improve their fine motor and social skills.

Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do.