3 Unique Birthday Gift Ideas

When the birthday of a loved one comes around, you want to find a gift that really makes them happy. However, finding something to meet this purpose isn’t always easy. Not only you do want a gift that shows you listen to their interests, but you also want to make sure it doesn’t look cheap or will end up sitting unused for months. Here are a few unique gift ideas that your loved one will surely appreciate receiving.

Birthday Hamper

In the modern world, people already have so many things that traditional gifts just don’t have an impact anymore. In the constant search for the perfect way to celebrate the birthday of our loved ones, we tend to struggle for ideas. Struggle no more, a birthday hamper can be the perfect solution!

Who doesn’t love to receive something special and unique? When you choose a fine birthday hamper, you have the ability to pick one your gift receiver is sure to love. If they have a refined taste, a box filled with artisan chocolates, biscuits and antipasto delights can be just perfect. Another great thing about this present is that you don’t buy them for yourself. So, when you receive one, it feels like an indulgent treat.

Tasteful birthday hamper with flowers and chocolate
source: pinterest.com.au

But the real value of a gift hamper is the wow factor when the recipient opens it on their special day. Hampers are filled with scrumptious goodies arranged in elegant packaging and containers. No matter what kind of hamper you choose one thing is for sure: they’re always beautifully presented and well received.

With our busy schedules, walking around shops for hours with no idea what to buy is such a frustrating experience. With a birthday hamper, you can avoid the shops altogether. Order it online, and you can have your birthday hamper delivery sent directly to the recipient – convenience at its most!

Plus, there are some occasions when you want to send a birthday gift to someone you don’t know well. Considering that everybody appreciates great food and drink, a beautifully prepared gourmet gift hamper is perfect for these occasions as well. With selections ranging in size, goodies and prices, hampers sure take the hassle of gift-giving for individuals you don’t know too well.

Homemade Beer Kit

A homemade beer kit is a great birthday gift option for those hard-to-buy-for loved ones who have a few interests. It’s a great fit for any beer lover who also enjoys cooking and creating things themselves – more so if you buy it in a combination with birthday hamper delivery.

The majority of starter beer kits you will find on the market include equipment that can be reused and repurposed. This means if your recipient becomes really interested in making beer, the pieces of a starter kit can continue serving the great good for years to come. The homebrew starter kits often include plastic bottles and caps, a small fermentation vessel, and ingredients for a basic beer. People tend to make great beer with such kits.

Homemade Beer Kit Preparing Beer at Home
source: blog.craftabrew.com

But other homemade beet kit options are also available, such as small-batch homebrew kits and classic homebrew kits. Small-batch homebrew kits let brewers make four to eight litres of beer at a time using the same processes and ingredients that professional brewers use – just on a small scale.

Aside from offering excellent value and an easy introduction to the hobby, the ingredients and equipment that come with small-batch homebrew kits are usually top-notch. Classic homebrew kits, while a little pricier than the other two options, allow brewers to brew up to 20 litres at t time. But keep in mind that those with limited space may find that the equipment takes up more room than they’d prefer.

If you know a beer lover who already brews their own beer, you can treat them with an all-grain batch recipe pack. These packs generally include some ingredients not commonly found in other brewing kits. They also include brewer’s sugars all measured for the specific recipe so that the brewer can confidently get the right carbonation level in every bottle.

Gin Gift Hamper

Do you have a loved one who loves gin, but you aren’t sure what to get them on their birthday? Gin birthday hampers can be an excellent choice. From crisp and dry spirits, to sweet and fruity selections, you can find them in options to please every palate. And with hampers starting from just $17.95, they should suit every budget too.

For a truly special gift, get your loved one a gin-a-month subscription. Every month they will receive different gin tasters that showcase a diverse range of premium craft gins from around Australia. The gins in the hamper are often accompanied by tasting notes, so your recipient will have a chance to really get to know their favourite gins, and discover new ones they would not have tasted before.

Pink Gin Gift Hamper with food and chocolate
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Unlike the bottle of gin that will get finished in a few weeks, the gin-a-month subscription is a gin gift hamper that lands on your loved one’s doorstep every month. In other words, your loved one will be reminded how you care about them throughout the year – not just on their birthday. Moreover, because the content of each gin of the month box isn’t revealed until the day it arrives, it really does feel as exciting as waking up on the day of your birthday, ready to receive your gifts – every month.

What is better, your loved one won’t ever get bored with this gift because it changes every month. Every delivery day, your gift recipient will get a different box with exclusive craft gins. Depending on the subscription you choose the gins can be paired with syrups, tonics, garnishes and even a selection of carefully chosen savoury and sweet snacks to complement it.

If your loved one doesn’t drink that often, no problem. You can choose a bi-monthly or quarterly subscription if they only treat themselves occasionally to a ginny.