10 Ideas for Improved Warehouse Operation

Do you consider your warehouse operation efficient just because your products are delivered on time and your customers are happy? You should think again! Most picking operations in warehouses across Australia could use a reorganization, which involves people, training and storage shelving systems. Here are 10 ideas how to improve the operation in your warehouse.


  1. Review your orders

    If the majority of your SKUs tend to change with the seasons, then you should consider re-slotting your warehouse to better suit your business model. Also, review the setup at least once a year. This will ensure that your SKUs are in the right storage media and physical location, and you will avoid unnecessary traveling for your order picker.

  2. Consider your current picking methodology

    Make sure that your current picking methodology fits your organization. Whether you have multi-order, single order, single picker, batch picking or zone picking, the proper picking methodology is essential for optimal productivity.

  3. Maximize vertical space

    If you have a limited space on your production floor, take advantage of every centimeter available by installing storage shelving system such as pallet racking. According to industry experts, this storage shelving system can bring increased efficiency in the warehouse as well as safer working conditions for your staff. Pallet racking is easy-ti-use storage shelving system and is highly used by commercial warehouses, manufacturing facilities and even retail stores.

  4. Use a software to sequence orders

    Sequence your orders by picking a path like for example, batching together single lines, difficult picks (non-conveyable items) and same zone orders. This will save your warehouse enormous time on the distribution center floor.

  5. Inspect your storage equipment to ensure proper application

    Arranging slow-moving, low-cube items in bin storage shelving and fast-moving items in pallet storage shelving can increase storage density and picker productivity.

  6. Establish ‘wheelhouse’ zones in your picking area.

    You can boost picking productivity and increase order picker ergonomics by placing your fastest-moving SKUs in the ‘wheelhouse’ area of your storage media.

  7. Choose only two or three standard shipping cartons.

    When you choose only two or three boxes, plus a few custom sizes if necessary, pickers will be able to put orders together faster.

  8. Think about automation

    Usually, order pickers spend about 60% of their time moving products around. Consider an automated solution like conveyance to reduce their extensive travel time.

  9. Get familiar with the technology options available

    Today, there are plenty of options available to boost warehouse’s efficiency. They include radio frequency, bar codes, pick-to-light, pick-to-label, voice-activated technologies, etc. These technologies are designed to offer improved accuracy and different levels of enhanced picking productivity.

  10. Create an incentive program for pickers

    Incentive programs can be very valuable to an organization. For the program to be effective, you should guarantee that productivity measurements are equitable, fair and accurate.

Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do.