Wicker Plush Sofas Provide A Timeless Look That Is Sure To Fit Any Backyard Or Patio

One of the best and thus most popular materials for outdoor sofa is wicker. Sofas made of wicker feature a classic design what makes them suitable for almost any outdoor décor. In the light of this fact, the perfect combination of comfort and durability would be wicker plush sofas. Why plush? Because it is a wonderful, simple fabric with features that makes it a perfect choice for different uses including outdoor sofas. Plush is made from polyester and it’s a part of the stretch knit family of fabrics. You can find plush sofas made of different finishes. One of the most common is a brushed finish. It is very smooth and the design is featured on both sides. Another type of plush finish is antipill that features short, plush sheared, nubby texture and is more costly than the previous option.

plush sofas

Regardless of the type of finish, plush sofas are a great choice for the outdoors. The material features warmth, softness, water resistance and most importantly – easy maintenance. There is no doubt that once you pair plush with wicker you’ll get a winning combination!

Wicker is strong and light and that renders it both durable and easy to move around. Also, it is a material that can easily absorb a wide array of dyes and stains what makes adding colour a very easy project. That is why you can find this material in a full range of different colours. Most of the wicker plush sofas you can find available on the market are made to withstand the different elements. This will greatly reduce the amount of the effort required to put additional protection on your outdoor sofa.

Outdoor sofas can be made of other materials as well, inducing lightweight plastic, steel, aluminium and iron that offer high durability and are aesthetically appealing. However, those made of steel, aluminium and iron are extremely heavy and in usually quite expensive. That simply prevents them for being the popular material choice for an outdoor sofa.

Plush sofas can come in wide array of sizes and shapes. Loveseats are one of the most popular options and there is a good reason for that. Their size is just perfect for relaxing while drinking a freshly made juice in the garden. Lounges provide a great place for an individual to lie back and relax whereas daybeds are the most unique type of outdoor sofas available on the market considered as one of the most spacious and comfortable options for an outdoor sofa.