What Makes Yoga Bolsters a Smart Idea

Yoga is one of the greatest types of exercise that perfectly combines the mental and the physical. Besides healing the body, it also heals the mind, thus creating a perfect balance between the both. However, let’s not forget that yoga, above all else, involves flexibility, controlled breathing, and a relaxed body. As we already know, the level of flexibility varies largely from person to person, and for those in need of help, the yoga bolster is the key to success. As yoga evolved over time, the props evolved too, and now a yoga bolster can provide the optimal support for better postures and more successful yoga practice. Let’s look through some of the health benefits this little aid offers.


1. Supports the Body

When trying to achieve more difficult poses, one of the most important things to be aware of is the body support your props offer, or as in many cases – do not offer. In many instances, yoga poses are uncomfortable and can cause pain, so props such as the yoga bolster can provide extra support and assistance for the completion of almost any pose with ease. Furthermore, it provides a better alignment of the body and can be used below the hips, knees, necks, ankles etc.

2. Relieves Stress

A bolster may be your best friend when you are feeling tired and stressed. By using a yoga bolster Australia experts claim that you will be able to stimulate the Parasympathetic Nervous System and pacify the Sympathetic Nervous System, thus enabling easy relaxation and stress relief. Furthermore, you will find it even more useful for morning yoga workouts. These can be made more comfortable as the bolster can help you with the poses that target muscle tension which has built up while sleeping.

3. Improves Blood Circulation and Controlled Breathing

A number of yoga poses offer optimal health benefits when used with a yoga bolster. For improved blood circulation, keep the bolster lengthwise aligned with the spine or below the shoulder and chest. With this position and posture, the chest expands, and organs like the heart and lungs get more space, which results in the efficient functioning of these organs. This way, you’ll be able to get all the benefits of controlled breathing and excellent blood circulation, especially in the most important organs of the body.

4. Stimulates Metabolism

If all this wasn’t enough, you need to know that yoga blasters can also help stimulate the metabolism as well. There are a number of yoga poses which involve twisting and turning of the abdomen and if these are done right, they can stimulate and fasten the digestive system. In order to do them right and maintain these poses for a longer time, you need to use a yoga bolster.

Everyone loves a multi-purpose product, and yoga bolsters are just that. The variety of yoga bolster Australia stores have in stock can be used for many purposes. Namely, you can support your back while sitting on the floor and folding laundry or doing puzzles with your children. Then, use it as a prop while using a laptop to avoid neck injuries and last, but not least, you can take it to the office for lower back support and better posture. The uses and benefits are endless, really.