Our Ideas for Trendy Spring Outfits – How to Style Your Sneakers

In the past couple of months, I realized that I have developed a great appreciation and love for trends that include walking around in sneakers, not in high heels. After all, being sexy counts for nothing if you can’t be sexy wearing casual streetwear and sneakers, right? And while you may still think that sneakers don’t go well with more dressed up outfits, current trends indicate otherwise – sneakers go with pretty much everything.

womens sneakers online (3) Nowadays, rubber -sole kicks aren’t meant and used just for running marathons – as a matter of fact, they are really chic and trendy. Lowtops, hightops, slip-ons and much more, there is a huge variety of womens sneakers online stores offer. Now let’s take a look at some of the coolest ways to pair your kicks this upcoming spring for the ultimate comfort and style.

The best way to make your colorful pieces of clothing pop is by choosing one colour and mixing it with a clean white palette. Think a nice red T-shirt that you will pair with a red handbag and maybe subtly apply a bit of red lipstick on your lips. Here you can easily combine your favorite pair of white kicks that will perfectly blend in the outfit, helping you stay well dressed while still enabling you to roam the streets as much as you need in comfort.

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If you intend to jump on the pantsuit craze this season, you can easily create a cool look by dressing it down with a pair of white low top sneakers. The thing is, as sporty as sneakers may be, this is a rather uncommon styling trick that will add a dose of feminine flair to a masculine style suit. If you don’t have any ideas on how to pull this look off, just type in pantsuit combined with womens sneakers online and a world of a whole different level of fashion will unveil in front of you.

I bet you have found yourself many times in a situation when you really want to wear a skirt but you think you’ll look too dressed up for the occasion. So, if you are looking for a way to make your midi skirt a little less uptown elegant and a little more downtown cool, pair it with sneakers in any color or style, and you will create your new go-to look for the summer.

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If your chosen outfit for the day is denim jeans and a plain white T-shirt, in this case, you should opt for a pair of sneakers that will add interest to the entire look. Choose a pair that may not be in a bright color, but will definitely stand out from the crowd of boring shoes. Maybe a pair with an unexpected element like metallic leather or a bright stripe.