Simple Ideas for Accessorizing Your Hospitality Uniforms

Although your staff is completely dressed in all the standard hospitality pieces, you still feel like their uniforms lack a little something. While the typical uniform consisting of a shirt, apron, vest or a jacket, and some trousers or skirts that look professional, there’s nothing especially distinguishable about it. So, if you don’t want your guests to be hit with deja vu every time they enter your place, you better find a way to make your uniform stand out.
accessories for work
Luckily, livening up your staff’s look can be super easy. You aren’t even required to switch out their existing uniform. Something as simple as accessorizing can bring the right dose of flair to your staff’s outfits. With that being said, these following accessories for work can be a quick, easy and inexpensive way to make your uniforms original.

Tie It All Together

tie and apron
Ties are versatile accessories for work which can suit all kinds of hospitality places from formal restaurants to chic bistros and laid-back cafes. They are known for signalling seriousness and as such are a must-have piece if you want your staff to appear more professional. If you’re running a more casual place, you can consider adorning your staff’s uniforms with ties in different colours or patterns according to their roles. You can even opt for unusual fabrics, such as denim or leather depending on the overall atmosphere in your venue.

Pin It or Patch It

pins and patches on apron
Some forms of accessorizing can be a great opportunity to reinforce your brand’s unique image. Pins and patches aren’t only a creative statement, but they can also showcase your logo or tagline on shirts, aprons, vests or jackets. An embroidered patch is a permanent way to leave your personal mark on the staff’s uniform, whereas pins can be added and removed according to your needs. Whatever accessory you go for, it can become a stand out feature of the crew’s apparel.

Strap It On

apron straps
If your uniforms feature aprons, you can spice them up with some unusual straps. If you’re catering to a young and hip crowd, consider going for colours that pop like yellow or red. You can also select a unique pattern such as leopard print or herringbone. If you want to stay on the neutral side, consider navy, mocha and khaki which are safe but stylish colours. A great idea is to get several different styles so that you can switch between them to reflect individual events. You can also pair your apron straps matching bow ties for a complete look.