Led Light Strips Buying Guide

If you’re looking for an efficient and quality lighting solution for your home or business, LEDs are the perfect option for you. These are taking over the world of lights and are becoming a very popular trend nowadays. Unlike halogen or incandescent lights, which often overheat and are overall not very durable, LEDs are a great investment in the long run and come with many advantages.

Besides being very cost-effective, LEDs are quite easy to use and are good for the environment since they contain no toxic or dangerous chemicals. These advanced lighting solutions are manufactured using the latest technology, plus they have long operation life and provide bright illumination quickly and efficiently. Another great advantage is that they are extremely energy-efficient which can considerably reduce operational costs.

led strip lights


One of the greatest benefits of LEDs is that they can be used in many different ways and come in many different models and sizes. Quite popular model these days are LED light strips. These are very practical and have a convenient design. Besides this, they can be installed quite easily and are very resistant to shock or impact. LED light strips are available in different models so finding what will be the best for your specific requirements should not be that hard. However, to make the best purchase there are a few important factor to take into consideration.

The length of the strips makes all the difference

Before you decide on the perfect model, it is of utmost importance to first measure how long do you need your LED strips to be. This will make things a lot easier when comparing different prices and sizes. Besides being the perfect length, the strips should also contain the right number of LEDs as well. For the best results go for models that have more LEDs since this will ensure better illumination.

The brightness is essential

Depending on the model, LED light strips produce different levels of brightness. It is important to determine where you will use the strips and how much brightness do you need. Brightness is measured in lumens and most manufacturers have the amount of lumens listed on the product. The quality of the light and the level of brightness directly depend on the number of lumens.

Consider different colours

The shopping options when it comes to colour are endless as LED strips are available in many different colours. Simple models usually emit light in one particular colour of your choice such as blue, pink, white, red, green, etc. These are very practical and you can install them easily in your home or commercial space. Strips that can alternate between different colours are a great option as well. Also known as RGB strips, these give you the possibility to choose your favourite colour combination.

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