Ideas to Stop Your Atomizer E Cigarette From Heating

Most people would agree that e-cigarettes are great when you are trying to quit or just cut back on your smoking habit; e cigarettes simulate smoking, prevent passive smoking and can even help you quit smoking.

There are three main parts that make up an e cigarette – the atomizer e cigarette, battery and cartridge. The cartridge is where all the liquid is held and the atomizer has the sole purpose of vaporizing the liquid so that the smoker can inhale vapour. An average atomizer will last you approximately 2 to 4 months, depending on the brand and your maintenance routine.

An atomizer can get hot for a few different reasons and it is important to understand why this happens so you can prevent it from happening.


Some of the reasons your atomizer e cigarette might be overheating could include pushing down the button that heats up the coil for too long. Sometimes the liquid you may be using may not be of higher quality and is unable to keep the atomizers temperature at a low point – this could also contribute to overheating. Overusing an e cigarette is one of the more common factors for overheating. Another common reason could be that the atomizer e cigarette needs a thorough cleaning which can cause it to malfunction if not done on a regular basis. If however, you have been using the atomizer for over 3 months, it may be the time to replace it and get a new one (even if you regularly cleaned it).

There are a couple of different ways you can prevent the e cigarette from overheating. It is really important to keep an eye on the liquid you have in the cartridge. You should focus on maintaining the right level of liquid and try not to fall too much below. This liquid essentially helps the atomizer stay cooler during a smoking session.


The second thing and you should make sure of this, is keeping your atomizer clean. The process for cleaning your atomizer is simple. All you need to do is detach it from the cartridge, dip it in hot water and swirl it around for at least 15 minutes and place it on a paper towel to dry for a few minutes. Once it has dried and cooled down, blow on it hard to remove any residue. Now you can reattach it. If you have an e cigarette with a button that heats up the coil, then just try to be aware of how you are using it. Only keep the button pressed down if you are inhaling and then release it straight after. If you are smoking correctly then the atomizer shouldn’t be overheating from that.

If you are unsure why your atomizer or e cigarette is overheating after reading this article, then maybe you should just invest in a new one. Sometimes an atomizer can get overworked and start malfunctioning no matter how many times you clean it or replace parts. If you feel like your e cigarette is getting to the end of its days, you are better off buying a new one. You can find all the parts or full e cigarettes you need in local stores that sell tobacco affiliated products or you can easily search for them online. Online is a great option as you can compare models and prices, as well as read reviews from previous buyers to get the best deal possible.