Ideas for the Perfect Bike Date with Your Loved One

Life is supposed to be experienced to the fullest. No matter where you are and what you do, or how many errands you have per day, there’s always time for some adventure. This is something cyclists are very well aware of. Now that spring has arrived and warm days abound, it’s the perfect opportunity for some biking hangouts which brings us to the question: Have you considered going on a biking date? This goes out to both people who have just started getting to know a potential SO, and those who are already in happy relationships and marriages. There should always be time for dates in your daily schedules.


This isn’t an ordinary kind of date and no one said dates are over once you’ve won the heart of your loved one. Before we get to the fun in the sun date biking ideas, and the ways to surprise your man with an out of the blue date suggestions, make sure you have the right bike that’s perfect for most adventures. There are plenty of choices of ladies road bikes specialised shops have to offer, ideal both for conquering the roads and cityscapes as well as the fields and landscapes of nature. Since there isn’t the one bike that is the right one for everybody, take size and seat comfort into consideration. Just as there are gender differentiations, there are also differentiations in bike geometry. Upright position is suitable for relaxing and shorter rides through the streets, which isn’t the case with longer rides because it can lead to discomfort.


Now getting on to the ideas, you probably haven’t thought of dressing neatly (that includes high heels) while riding but that’s exactly what can turn a usual experience into an extraordinary one. Imagine the look on your man’s face when seeing you confidently gliding through the paved roads in your glamorous formal outfit. Choosing from the vast choices of ladies road bikes, you ensure you choose the adequate seat as well so it won’t give you much trouble with wearing anything you like (yes, even a dress!). Remember to place the heel on the pedal properly and don’t forget the helmet. Being neatly dressed means you can eat out in fine restaurants without worrying about finding the parking space, and to make it all the more fun, choose different dining places for every meal course.

Biking is your chance for heading out to see the great outdoors and organise a picnic. Being away from the hustle and bustle of the city, you’d be able to ride in a relaxing manner and get to hold hands meanwhile (sounds convincing enough, doesn’t it?). Prepare the food, bring about drinks in a basket, and look up parks and sightseeing spots that aren’t as crowded. Eating hearty meals out in the fresh air and then burning the extra calories on the way back makes for an unforgettable getaway trip.

Though you think you know your city well enough, there’s always something to be discovered, especially when you’re on the wheels in the company of your loved one. Imagine you’re two foreigners just visiting the city, exploring the hidden alleys and shops. This could give you a new life and relationship perspective, and who knows, maybe you’d get to see an outdoor fair or concert that you could be part of. Not only will you become an even greater fan of bikes, but you’d also deepen the connection with your loved one. Enjoy the ride!