Ideas for Starting Your Vegetable Garden and Setting Healthy Eating Habits

Bad habits in life are best dealt with when they are in their beginnings, which is how we got the “nip it in the bud” phrase, a phrase we should all stick to. This is also the case with bad eating habits. It’s not that seldom nowadays to see obese children, and what’s concerning is their number is increasing by the minute.

When parents teach their children a thing or two about proper nutrition by setting the example themselves, as Melbourne dad George does for his daughters (inspiration to all dads certainly), one can only expect there to be foundations for a healthy population.


To be able to easily implement healthy eating in your lifestyle, starting up your garden is the perfect decision to make. There are of course many ideas that can stimulate your mind to create a garden, but if you want a successful outcome let the choice of vegetable garden boxes for sale be your guide.

Unlike flowers, vegetables require more space so they can fully grow and establish the roots. Nowadays with the vast options of boxes and planters, you won’t have much of a difficulty to choose the right ones for your space available for gardening, no matter whether it’s small or big, though bear in mind, the smaller the box or planter, the easier it would be to move them and chase the sun.

planters for vegetables

Once you’ve made your choice of vegetable garden boxes for sale, you have to set the ground for proper vegetable growth by adding quality potting soil. Choosing the wrong potting soil can be the death of your plants, so be wary. Commercial options sure are affordable and bountiful, but do we really know what’s in them?

If you want to create healthy habits, pick natural. You can’t go wrong by opting for the organic option, the one that’s made of natural materials such as compost and peat, as it’s a growing medium that can be used time and time again, and don’t forget it provides enough air for root growth, support for the plants and retains moisture and nutrients in the root area – all important for garden success.


As soon as you’ve taken care of the soil, you’re on for doing a seed and plant selection. The options are vast, and instead of creating a solely vegetable garden, you can mix it up by adding some herbs here and there, and even flowers considering there are many of them that are edible. They can spice up your meals both in colour and flavour.

There’s nothing like eating your own fresh produce, knowing you’ve planted it and grown it yourself, only using toxic-free products so give gardening a try. If you need more inspiration, check out some healthy food blogs that abound in recipes, and be amazed at how fast you say bye to poor food habits.


Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do.