Ideas for Picking the Best Dog Bed

Just like your bed is your most intimate and personal space in your home where you can relax and unwind, the same is true when it comes to your dog as well. And just like you will take time to get yourself a comfortable bed, you need to do the same when searching for beds for dogs. It is of utmost importance to find the style that is comfortable enough and will make your BFF happy.

Beds for dogs come in different sizes, shapes and materials, and sometimes it can be a real challenge to pick the ideal one. To make your search easier, we offer you some interesting ideas for choosing the ideal bed for your dog.

Beds For Dogs

Bolster Dog Bed

These beds are the favourites of many dog owners and their pets because they are padded like a simple bed but have an additional bolster along the back of the bed which provides additional support for dog’s head. Bolster dog beds are very popular as they are have a durable stuffing and provide enough space and comfort for your dog to rest.

Simple Padded

Simple padded beds for dogs are most commonly used and can be found in almost every pet store. These are basic beds which incorporate a material cover over a pillow or some kind of stuffing. They come in a variety of sizes and designs and are very affordable.


Cave beds were designed to accommodate small to medium-sized dogs as they are not big enough to accommodate large breeds. Their characteristic hood of material over the dog bed allows your dog to snuggle in as if in a cave. Cave dog beds are an interesting and unique bed solution for your small dog which will make him feel more protected and keep him warm and protected in chilly days.


Usually made from either soft cotton type material or fleece, slumber dog beds are one of the cheaper solutions. They look similar to beanbags but they are filled with stuffing rather than beans. Slumber beds are ideal for small to medium-sized dogs and allow your pet to comfortably move around the stuffing inside the bed.


Corner beds for dogs were made to fit in the corner of a room and they come in a variety of makes – from simple pet beds and bolster to nest beds. However, they all have one feature in common – they were built to fit into the corner of a room. They can greatly vary in price, depending on their variety and material that are made from.