Ideas for Giving Your Wardrobe the Sensual Feminine Makeover

With so many choices within our reach it is impossible to stay immune to the rush of keeping up with the trends and blending them with your style. When you give yourself the treat of getting new clothes, you have that refreshing feeling you get when doing something fun and exciting that is also different. Just think of your latest purchase and the sense of contentment your favourite new shirt, pair of jeans or stilettos brought you. What happens when with all the attention you give your daily outfits you forget to take a deeper look into the underwear drawers, let alone the lingerie section?


Whether you have already felt the benefits of wearing lingerie, or wish to but never had the chance and were too afraid to give it a try, it is always the right time to give your feminine energy the boost it needs and awaken the goddess in you by doing some meticulous research in the lingerie stores. Great news is, thanks to all the technology of today’s world, you can skip the trip around and find the lingerie match of your dreams online. Regardless of whether or not you are new to the world of sensual apparel, it is always good to learn more about different types and know how bold you can be when giving your wardrobe the makeover it needs, so here are some ideas.

The Delicate Chemise Dress

As you might guess from the name, the chemise dress originated in France centuries ago and what served as merely a cloth for protecting outer clothes evolved into a much adored piece of lingerie that can be used as an undergarment for see-through dresses, shirts and skirts as well as for accentuating your femininity. With so many models in all sizes, you are sure to find the chemise dress to match your taste and preferences of material and comfort – from the comfortable cotton types, to the flirty and playful silk and satin.

The Charm of a Corset

Though primarily used for reducing the waistline and showing off the curves in full light, the irresistible charm of the corset withstood the tests of time. It is still as popular as in the days of Marie Antoinette, without the pressure of inflicting pain by tight corset but rather for the beauty of the corset itself and the effects on the woman who wears it.

The Playful Garter Belt

Combined with a nice pair of stockings, the garter belt is sure to give any woman the sense of being a fashion model both to her partner and to herself. Whether you want to spice things up in your relationship or feel like you are on top of the world every day, you can be certain it is money well spent when you buy a garter belt.

The Versatile Teddy

This piece of lingerie carries with it both the bustier beauty and the additional panties part. It can also be found in many materials, and is the perfect fit for your figure. Amp up your lingerie section and you will thank yourself later.