Bedroom Decor Ideas: How to Infuse an Artful Balance of Earthy and Chic French Provincial Style

There is no other bedroom quite as seductive as the French one. The French provincial bedroom oozes comfort and serenity. Its charming simplicity and romantic appeal are built on a centuries old tradition of hand-carved wooden furniture pieces in crisp white colour. Without a doubt, there’s no better way to add an artful balance of earthy and chic. Below are some ideas on how to create a French inspired bedroom of your own.

The staple of the bedroom design is of course the bed. A French inspired bed is made out of a bulky mattress that looks warm and inviting, and accented by a curved wooden headboard featuring beautiful ornate carvings. While the bed frame should look elegant and natural, with the bedding, all bets are off. Cosy and eclectic – that’s this style’s take on the bedding. Create a layered look with white cotton sheets on the bottom and a fluffy duvet in a colour of your choosing. Don’t forget to put plenty of pillows on top as an icing on your cake of comfort. Traditional French country motifs such as florals, toile and paisley are incredibly popular in bedding designs.

French Provincial Bedroom

While the bed is the centrepiece to the design, remember that the rest of the furniture elements must also be carefully chosen to create a harmonious feel. Storage solutions are more than welcomed in this room. A bedside table for your night cream and reads, a charming blanket box for the bedding, and a gorgeous French dresser for your clothing will reduce the clutter and make sure that everything has its own place. These pieces can be a heavenly way to compliment and enhance the old world sensibility of the style. Worn off edges and deliberate dents on the carving can give a wonderful “gathered over time” appeal to the room.

A vanity corner where you can set your look for the day, is an area every bedroom deserves. When creating yours, steer away from over-the-top designs. French provincial loves to keep things humble and frowns upon extravagant make up tables cluttered with lipsticks and eyeshadow kits. By popping up a curvaceous white mirror on top of a white French dresser, you can create a modest and charming make-up table. This is a wonderful way to keep the makeup clutter at bay and all the secrets to your good looks hidden from everyone’s eyes.

During the day the French provincial bedroom should be overflown with tons of natural light. Airy and bright is what this room should be all about. Shutters, Venetians and most blinds are a big no-no. Opt for full length, sheer curtains in a white or cream colour which you can adorn with valances in a subtle floral pattern. Come night, the room’s need for light can be fulfilled with a large crystal chandelier which can serve as a focal point and add a bit of lavishness to the beautiful French simplicity.