Ideas For What You can Use the 3D Printer ASA Filament for

The 3D printer is an incredible device that can let you design and create a wide assortment of different items which are only limited by the size that the printer itself is able to produce and the imagination of the user. Seeing as how it hasn’t been around for long at all and how much of an incredibly complex piece of machinery it is, trying to explain the intricate working of it or its parts will take a much more comprehensive knowledge than I personally have. I can however explain about the filament that is used to create the items themselves and why the ASA (Acrylonitrile styrene acrylate) in particular is such a popular choice among 3D printer users.


The good thing about the ASA filament is that it is a thermoplastic printing substance that is much like the popular ABS plastic, with a few additional advantages and characteristics that the latter doesn’t have. The most useful of these benefits over its counter part is its resistance to UV light which makes it possible to use it in order to produce parts and items that are more durable in the sunlight. This may sound like a situational benefit that you may not even need if you aren’t planning on exactly taking your printed items to the beach with you, but it is still an unbelievably useful trait. It is also fairly strong, relatively flexible and perfect for industrial applications.


However, I should also mention that the ASA filament, like every other printing material, also has a few drawbacks that go along with its good points that can’t be neglected. For one, along with a lot of the good points of the ABS filaments, it also carries a few of the bad ones. These include the need for a very high printing and bed temperature, a slight inclination to warping while under harsher temperatures and having noxious gas be released as a by-product of the printing process. On top of it all, they are also more expensive than the ABS filament, so ultimately you will have to decide if you favour a cheaper price of the advantages that the ASA filament has to offer.


Regardless of a few drawbacks, there is a good reason why the ASA filament is used by as many people as it is, and that is clearly because the perks that it offers, that no other of the many different filaments do, are good enough to ignore most of the flaws it has.

Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do.